We're not comfortable until you are!

The MaskAid+ Mask Bracket was innovatively designed to work behind the scenes to provide the perfect amount of space between your mask and your face. 

This patent pending accessory prevents uncomfortable breathing, muffled speech, excessive perspiration, rashes, smudged makeup and more to free you from the irritating sensation of wearing masks and face coverings. 


Soft and Flexible

Fits all adults

Use with all Masks

N95, Cloth & Surgical


Gentle on skin

Why choose MaskAid+?

We don’t just solve the most unpleasant problems caused by mask wearing, we do it better than everyone else. 

The MaskAid+ Mask Bracket’s flexible and durable material is made using a Canadian technology that repels dust, oil and germs more easily than any silicone alternative on the market. The patent pending easy-to-use magnetic attachment system makes MaskAid+ compatible with all masks unlike other options with small clips that fail to stay in place under your mask. 


Using Your MaskAid+ Mask Bracket

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